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The bed is a place to store dreams, and my good dream is that you play with me. Today is another happy day. I ate a hot pot at your house and ate fruit and drank tea Cigarettes Online Store. The stomach has been working, and my mouth has not stopped. I want to make more of this ecstasy after this day. I usually be satisfied with this hot pot this time, because I was not wasted as I did last time, I have all eaten up. That is, I think I can eat too much. Every time I am in front of you, I always feel like I haven��t eaten anything. In fact, I thought about it carefully afterwards. I still feel that the problem is on you, because you are trying to stop it every time Marlboro Red 100S Carton. I solved it when I protested. "When I am afraid of something, let go of it." Well, this sentence succeeded in capturing me, so I immersed myself and concentrated on it. Usually I rarely eat fruit at home, but in your home, everything is very good, so I tangled up to not know what to eat Marlboro Cigarettes Website, the most satisfying thing is to use a spoon to dig watermelon to eat, it feels too cool, that taste It��s great. You also taught me today. I can say no when I don��t want it. It��s not that people have to choose one after giving you two choices. So, I decided, I will often come to tea in the afternoon, I listen to you while showing me the photos and tell me who and who, I am a little hard, because I can not remember, in my opinion Buy Newport Cigarettes Online, that In addition to you, the pile of photos is all the same. But I never imagined that you suddenly gave me a sentence, you don't show me your photo album, no, because I still don't know how to introduce you to my friends, so my performance was very Poor, I turned over for a long time, because the space is not finished, too much of my smug photos for dinner, you took me to eat the fishing town of Mifang, in view of my afternoon eating passion fruit, so my teeth are sad reminder Now, my heart silently told myself that the next time must be a little restrained. I finally know why the elderly are very slow to eat. Today, the price of the powder I ordered is 17, and you point to it and say, it is your name. Yes, so today I know another meaning of Ҽ��, that is about your name, just right, I also like 17 because it represents the age of the rainy season, unlike 18 for adults, 17 can also be like Like a child, when you are still in love, when I am still a pet, I define it as a big child. When you go back, you send me to the car. The kind of car that I send to the car feels great. I just don��t like to see others. Back view, so I used to like to leave a cool back before my friend turned around. I waved to you through the window. In fact, I waved, because I can't see your position and record all the time of today, because every minute is very beautiful. Today is the first time I learned to pay for my friends. Although it is not natural enough, I believe that I will continue to find you a few more times, then I will be more integrated. I have been silently accepting your good for me. When you are reading, you are against me. Encourage and reward learning, I will borrow money for the first time after I work. I still remember your four-character rumors. It is the first time someone has let me live a good life. I don��t want to forget the moment that made me stop sorrow that day. . I remember the next day I received my salary and gave you the money. You then sent a 21 meal pack to me. On that day, I knew the meaning of this number, because you said that 21 is the meaning of love. I really didn��t mean to pay for this time Cigarette Wholesalers. I just want to learn to pay for my friends, not just to ask for it. I am the first time, you can��t pretend to cooperate with me. The process is not so beautiful. what. But it doesn't matter, my face is thick, I directly ignore your resistance. In fact, I also want to learn to bring warmth to my friends, instead of using my negative energy to affect others, I also want to find my own value, let Friends feel the value of this friendship. Just like today, your friend sent you a box of snacks, but also intimately licked herbal tea and gastrointestinal drugs. In fact, I also want to learn to bring happiness to my friends. Just like the silver bracelet you sent me, I am happy because you I was wearing it when I first met; just like you sent me a puppy-style bag, I am happy because you also have a chicken style, because you said there is no pig, or you will give me a small It��s like a pig; it��s like the one that you want to send me, Li Zhongshuo��s coat, but it��s a pity that I��m too fat. I��m ignoring you. Let��s try it out. I��m going to redefine you today because I found out. I know that you are too little and too little. I can't imagine that your inner color is so rich. For example, your red shoes, colored tablecloths and cushions, and a rainbow umbrella that you opened twice today. I hope that you are not trying to hide your hopes. I hope that you can be as happy as you think, so that you are shining. So, are you happy today?

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