Leaving the hea

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Leaving the heat-stricken big city, a family of three generations of six people came to the beautiful Fuxian Lake to escape the heat. This is the first time in my life that I have spent so many days with my family to chat, watch, enjoy food, and hug my grandson. Life is so smooth and comfortable, only to truly understand what is the joy of family. We lived in Banyan Tree, close to the south side of an artificial lake in the courtyard, the window is facing the lake, the water is flourishing, the lotus is opening, the low is flying, the frog is jumping, the cool and comfortable The air is still tired and the day is still not bright. I am woken up by the night rain Newports Cigarettes Website, and in a burst of rushing sounds, I will rush your thoughts and ignite the light in front of the window. The lake under the window is clearly displayed in front of the eyes, the rain is dumped in the lake, and the dense blisters are continually generated and disappeared. The swimming pool with the balcony is also added to the grand symphony. Stretching to the small bridge in the lake, the bridge pier is made of steel, the top is covered with wooden boards, the railings are also wooden Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, each wooden drill has three holes, and the thick blue nylon rope is used to connect the growing sidewalk, heavy rain. On the wooden board, I splattered a cloud of smoke, smashing on the lake, and subsiding... The sound of the rain gradually went away. The lake after the baptism of the rain was calm. The red glazed tiles on the lakeside cabin, the lush palm leaves on the lake, the blooming chrysanthemums were all blazed by the rain, the birds were noisy, only the cuckoos The screams are so rhythmic Marlboro Cigarettes Website, it is arranged in a well-organized way for a new day. I urge you to get up, it's time to do things. Although I have retired for many years, there are always so many things that are pestering you, I can't let go, I feel that life and time are racing. To tell the truth, poverty and wealth are still counted in the eyes of the ordinary people. If you say something, it��s all said by a good person. If you don��t say it, it��s something that people who don��t say it are in their hearts. Always stand in the circle of people living at the bottom, understand self-knowledge, always give them something to do, or be a conscience person. As people of our age are called to exert some heat, I do not know when to eliminate these artificial classes, restore the value of life, give the elderly another hope Newports 100S, social harmony, and the heart is true and beautiful. "Mengzi Tengwengong" said that "the village is in the same well, the friends in and out, the help of the watch, the support of the disease Buy Newport Cigarettes Online, the relatives of the people." These ancient trainings have strengthened their beliefs! With the rich and the poor, the joy is not ridiculous. The understanding of life is such that they are well-being, why not ask for words. Happy to be happy, to be a man, to be with them forever, always willing to do something for you, enjoy the happiness of time, no regrets in this life!

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