Outside the window

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Outside the window, the raindrops are ringing Cheapest Cigarette Cartons, the rare moments of tranquility, a soothing music can quietly enter the dreamland. The high temperature of the past few days was unbearable, and it took a few days of rain to arrive in the afternoon, bringing a touch of coolness. For me who is afraid of cold, she also gave birth to a few joys. Into the night, listening to the sound of rain, a trace of noise in the silence, a rare harmony. When I wait for the return of the beautiful woman, the poetry is full, can anyone who is close to a gorgeous dream Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale, know that I am a house. Rainy days are really suitable for homes at home, holding a book that is not tall, putting a gentle music, sitting on a rocking chair, and relaxing. Quiet as if forgetting the time, forgetting the past, everything only exists in the present, this moment of beauty, this moment of peace of mind life is sometimes very busy, busy people make some loss of self. Maybe someone likes it, I am one of them. I don't know when I started, I didn't like it but I started to get used to it. Maybe it is forced, maybe it has been accepted from the bottom of my heart. A peaceful life is more like a luxury, and a few people can really consume. Maybe wait until the day when the white hair is gray, sitting under the time, counting the ants crawling from the feet, we have to be quiet for a while. We are a group of chasing the waves of time, throwing the back behind them and greet the sun. There are a few people who are willing to hide in the crevices of time, watching the colorful backs of others, letting them alone, the rain is still down, delicate and delicate. The drizzle hit the window, kissing the green leaves, as if a piece of music, resounding between heaven and earth Free Carton Of Newport Cigarettes. The insects also stopped humming, hiding in the deep caves, sleeping peacefully, and the people who were irritated were also sleepy and beautiful, and they always stayed until late at night. For sleepy me, sleep seemed to never be enough. The rain tonight may bring a little sleepiness Cigarette Wholesale Prices, and it��s going to be a little faster, so it might not waste this mysterious night. Listen to the wind and rain at night, listen to the sound of the rain Newport Menthol Shorts, listen to the wind. The damp air always carries a hint of sweetness in the seasons. Recalling the years, I have a good time and sleep peacefully. 

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