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Shopping sites

The store sites are almost the most complete type of site. Apart from standard features such as product and service gallery, about us, contacts and news, it is possible to connect to a bank and can sell products and services. Customers can use their own services, such as customer clubs, line prices, discounts, etc., according to their needs. Every shopping website should be mobile friendly and so easy can targeted web traffic to their business and boost their real website visitors.

To this end, you can identify your site according to your basic needs and achieve the desired result by paying the right amount.

We will look at the difference between proprietary and semi-specific sites based on the standards of the company.

Personal sites

Personal Sites are sites designed to introduce a specific person. In these types of sites there is usually a person's resume, images, portfolio in different fields, as well as the option "Call me". As a standard, in my contact section there is a section for entering the email and first name and last name as well as the contact number that the visitor can contact the site administrator by entering this information. Individual sites can be more in line with the wishes of the individual, but the implementation of these facilities in the dedicated designs, which we will continue to address, can be implemented.

Corporate sites

Corporate sites are usually used to provide sample products and services. On corporate sites, the goal is not to sell products and services, but simply to introduce them. Connecting to a bank port is not a feature of corporate sites. Corporate sites usually introduce product and portfolio services and galleries. One of the important parts of the corporate sites of the "About Us" section is the resume of the company. Companies can add additional facilities to their needs based on their needs.

Proprietary sites

Exclusive sites are sites that are graphically designed before starting to write, and the employer can check all the details of the site and go into the ideal layout with the set graphist, and after completing the complete approval from the client, the project enters the coding step.


But on semi-specific sites, the design is based on pre-designed templates, and the employer cannot change all details. In these types of contracts, after talking with the employer, several designs related to the type of work and person's tastes are sent. The employer can get the desired design by choosing the desired design as well as submitting the content and color of the organization and the logo. Semi-specific sites can also function properly. Consider growing your business with US State Targeted Traffic to reach prospects in your most desired geographies. Just keep in mind that if you are looking to upgrade your site in the future and are thinking of developing your own Internet business, it's best to use dedicated designs. The development of semi-specific sites in most cases is not feasible and can be problematic for a person in the future. In some cases, site owners will have to pay a surplus for a redesign.

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